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Catalog Name ALCH00004
Document Keynes MS 15
Title Out of Bloomfield's Blossoms
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date
Repository King's College
Pages 8
Wordcount 0
Language English;

'Out of Bloomfield's Blossoms' (an excerpt, beginning 'Father Time set me at ye gate'), 212 lines; 'A short work that beareth the name of Sr George Ripley', 92 lines (almost complete); and two 'Fragments', one untitled (beginning 'Let ye old man drink wine till he piss'), 8 lines, and the other headed 'The whole science', 11 lines.

Related Materials

These are all taken from Elias Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum (1652: H93), 305-23, 393-6, 436 and 434 respectively.