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Catalog Name ALCH00012
Document Keynes MS 23
Title Epistola ad veros Hermetis discipulos continens claves sex principales Philosophiae secretae
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date early 1690's
Repository King's College
Pages 19
Wordcount 4,750
Language Latin;

A translation of the last section of Limojon de Didier's Triomphe Hermétique (1689), 'Lettre Aux vrays Disciples d'Hermes, Contenant six principales clefs de la Philosophie Secrete', then only extant (in published form, at least) in French (H1642).


Contains a Strasbourg lily watermark, as does Keynes Ms. 53: see Shapiro, 'Dating Game', 197-8.

Related Materials

See Dobbs, Janus Faces, 180: she suggests this is probably Newton's own translation. Cf. Keynes Mss. 21 and 53, and Babson Ms. 420.