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Catalog Name THEM00003
Document Keynes Ms. 3
Title 'Irenicum, or Ecclesiastical Polyty tending to Peace'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date post-1710
Repository King's College
Wordcount 22,500
Language English;Latin;Greek;

Pagination is given as it appears on the manuscript, though this is somewhat misleading, as in some cases only the leaves are numbered and in others the individual sides. SL240 is described in the Sotheby catalogue as seven drafts, c. 10,000 words on 22 pp. folio and 1 p. sm. 4to. Discounting blank pages and considering the nine 'positions' as a draft of the 'irenicum', this is an accurate description of the present manuscript up to p. 34 (though the word-count, as so often, is on the low side); the remainder has presumably been added from another source.

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