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Catalog Name THEM00010
Document Keynes Ms. 10
Title 'Paradoxical Questions concerning the morals & actions of Athanasius & his followers'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date c. early 1690s
Repository King's College
Wordcount 20,963
Language English;Latin;Greek;

For dating, see Shapiro, 'Dating Game', 196-7. ff. 1-26 contain watermark fleur de lys/CSH and ff. 27-32 contain fleur de lys/HD. The latter also appears on papers dated between June 1691 and July 1695, while watermarks of the earlier clusters are identical to those occuring on a letter to Locke of 3 May 1692, and also on some revisions to the Principia of the early 1690s and drafts of 'De quadratura curvarum' dating from autumn-winter 1691-2.

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