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Catalog Name THEM00053
Document Yahuda Ms. 10
Title Notes and extracts on interpreting the prophets (c. 1670s-90s).
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date c. 1680s-90s
Repository National Library of Israel (Jerusalem)
Wordcount 19,737
Language English;Latin;Greek;Hebrew;

Ms. 10a'Out of Mr. Garret's discourse concerning Antichrist', 4 ff. of which 2 blank. Extracts from Walter Garrett, A discourse concerning Antichrist [ ] Shewing, that the Church of Rome is that woman mentioned Rev. xvii.3 (London, 1680).Ms. 10bNotes on prophetic works, principally Daniel, in English with some Latin, 17 ff. of which 3 blank. Includes two projected lists of titles (the relationship of which to the rest of the document is at best tenuous), as follows:(i) [This list occurs twice, at separate points, in slightly variant versions, of which the first is cited here.]'Sect. 1. De Captivitate Babylonica septuaginta annorum.Sect. 2. De duplici Ezra ac duplici Neemiah deq[ue] singuloru[m] scriptisSect. 3. De tempore aedificati TempliSect. 4. De temporibus Ezrae junioris et Neemiae junioris.Sect. 5. Expositio 70 Hebdomadu[m]Sect. 6. Expositio dierum 2300Sect. 7. Expositio dierum 1260, 1290, 1335.'(ii) 'De Prophetijs Danielis LiberCap. 1/ Chronologia regum Babyloniae, & Captivitatis 70 annoru[m]Cap. 2/ Chronologia librorum Ezrae & NehemiaeCap. 3/ Expositio Visionis Hebdomadum septuagintaCap. 4/ Expositio Visionis quatuor BestiarumCap. 5/ Expositio Visionis Arietis & HirciCap. 6/ Expositio Visionis de scriptura veritatis'Ms. 10cFurther notes on prophecies, mainly in English, 30 ff. of which 2 blank.

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