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Catalog Name THEM00056
Document Yahuda Ms. 13
Title Miscellaneous theological extracts and notes
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date
Repository National Library of Israel (Jerusalem)
Wordcount 35,296
Language Latin;English;Greek;Hebrew;

Ms. 13.1ff. 1r-4v 'Ex Irenaei adversus haereses lib. I.' (c. 1670s): excerpts in Latin.Ms. 13.2Notes on Jewish ceremonies and their relevance to prophetic exegesis. The hand changes from Newton's to that of an amanuensis halfway down f. 9v; Newton takes over again from f. 17r.ff. 1-16 'Ex Maimonide Liber de Cultu divino' (c. 1680s): Latin excerpts. See H1018 for the source.ff. 17r-19r 'Ex notis Ludovici de Veil in Maimonidem': Latin excerpts.ff. 19r-21v Latin excerpts about Jewish theology, principally from Buxtorff's Synagoga Judaica (H323) and Bibliotheca Rabbinica, and (also beginning f. 19r) 'Ex Ioma, codex Talmudis Hierosolymitani'.ff. 21v-22v: 'Annotationes' on the above, in Latin.Ms. 13.3ff. 1-20 Latin notes for 'Theologiae Gentilis Origines Philosophicae' (c. 1680s).ff. 21-23 Similar notes in English.f. 25 List of 'Authores fabulosi'.f. 27 Latin quotations from Plato, Aristotle and Galen about astronomy, followed by three blank leaves.

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