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Catalog Name THEM00057
Document Yahuda Ms. 14
Title Miscellaneous notes and extracts on the Temple, the Fathers, prophecy, Church history, doctrinal issues, etc.
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date not yet dated
Repository National Library of Israel (Jerusalem)
Pages 220ff
Wordcount 156,666
Language Latin; English; with some Greek

ff. 1r-8v 'Ezek 40 &c schematîs illustrata': Latin notes on the temple described in Ezekiel, with diagrams of it.

f. 9r 'Of Idolatry': highly significant early notes on instances of it in the Old Testament, in English, with extensive glosses by Newton.

f. 10 is blank, and followed by a page of notes not very obviously connected to anything.

f. 12r 'Ex Iustini Martyris Dialogo cum Tryphonico adversus Iudæos.' Important notes in Latin with Newton's English glosses.

ff. 19v-24v (f. 23 is blank) Miscellaneous notes, mainly in English, on Church history and erroneous doctrines; f. 24 also contains Mint-related material.

f. 25r Centrally important statement of the Son's relation to the Father, in English.

ff. 26r-29r Early notes in Latin and English from Eusebius's Historia Ecclesiastica (H589-90). Headed 'No 31' in Thomas Pellet's hand.

f. 30r-v Latin and English notes on prophecies in the Old Testament and the Chaldee Paraphrast and their relation to subsequent historical events.

ff. 32r-33v Notes from Villalpandus on Solomon's Temple, mainly in Latin.

ff. 34r-43v Notes in English and Latin on Goths and other tribes, on early popes and introduction of 'superstitious' doctrines and practices such as indulgences, praying to the dead, Purgatory, relics, etc., and on prophecy. ff. 42r-43v are written around a draft letter [to Henry Oldenburg, Jan. 1674/5] accepting the offer to waive Newton's fees as Fellow of the Royal Society.

ff. 44r-46v Notes on the Turkish Empire, in Latin and English.

ff. 46v-47v Miscellaneous Latin excerpts from the Fathers.

ff. 48r-49r Prayers and lamentations of fourth-century Christian martyrs, in Latin verse.

ff. 52r-58v Latin notes from the Fathers, notably (f. 52r) from Petau on the tradition of the Trinity.

ff. 59r-60v Notes on events encompassed by the first trumpet and vial (AD 395-406), in English and Latin.

ff. 61r-64r 'Ex Ignatij Epistolis': Latin excerpts.

ff. 65r-68v Dates of key events in the fourth and fifth centuries.

ff. 69r-72r Notes from Pococke's Latin translation of Historia Dynastiarum Gregorij Abul-Pharajii, on Muslim history.

f. 72v Table of dates of the Arab empire.

f. 73r 'Reineras ordinis Prædicatorum contra Waldenses Bibl. Pater Tom. 13': notes on the Waldenses with important comments by Newton on the unreliability of the author, in Latin and English.

f. 75r 'Ex Eutychij Patriarchæ Alexandrini annalibus': Latin excerpts.

ff. 78r-79v Early Latin notes on the interpretation of prophecy.

[f. 80 blank.]

ff. 81r-v 'Ex Athenagoræ Athen. Christ. Philos. pro christianis Legatione sive Apologia, circa A.D. 178': Latin excerpts.

f. 82r 'Theophilus Patriarcha Antiochenum contra Christianæ religionis calumniatores': Latin extracts.

ff. 83r-84v Notes from Bishop Dionysius writing against Paul of Samosat, in Latin and English, with extremely significant notes by Newton on the nature of Christ.

f. 85r-v 'Testimonies of ye Millennium &c': notes in Latin and English on Eusebius's citations from Parias; also (at the bottom of the page) a reference to Mede and his references to Tertullian.

ff. 86r-103v Significant early notes on the key dates in the Athanasius controversy and general Church history, in Latin and English, and including (f. 100v) a map of the most important metropolises in the thirteenth-century Turkish Empire.

ff. 104r-111v 'Historia Arriani collecta ex Baronio': Latin notes on the history of the Arians, mainly from Baronius's Annals with Newton's occasional English glosses.

ff. 112r-115v Latin notes from various sources on the Roman Empire, its treatment of Christians, and the 'barbarian' invasions.

ff. 116r-117v 'Out of Ignatius Epistles': Greek excerpts with English glosses by Newton.

f. 118r Significant early notes on baptism, in English, with Newton's later revised comments.

f. 118v Latin notes on the Fathers.

ff. 119r-121r Early historical notes on Goths, Huns and Vandals, in English and Latin.

ff. 121v -131v Notes on fourth-century Church history, mainly in Latin with some English.

ff. 132r-134v Notes on the Fathers, mainly Origen and Celsus, mainly in Latin.

ff. 135r-138v Latin citations on the origins of monasticism and the supposed miracles of early monks and nuns, including (ff. 137r-138r) Latin excerpts and English paraphrases from 'Vita Antonij ex Athanasio, ad Monachos scripta'.

ff. 139r-142v Accounts of the wickedness of the Romans and the decline of their Empire, mostly in Latin.

f. 143r-v Notes from 'Cyprianus de mortalitate', mostly in Latin.

ff. 143v-145v Notes and extracts on the persecutions of early Christians, mostly in Latin.

f. 145r-v Dates of Muslim rulers.

ff 146r-148v 'E continuatione belli sacris per Iohannem Herold': Latin notes on thirteenth-century Muslim states.

f. 149r-v 'Ex historia Belli sacri, Authore Wilhelmo Tyrio Metropolitano Archiepiscopo ac regni Hierosolomitani Cancellario inter annos 11': further Latin notes on thirteenth-century Muslim states.

f. 150v Table of Muslim rulers in various nations 1057-1262.

ff. 151r-154v Historical notes from a wide range of Greek and Latin sources on the decline of the Roman Empire in the fifth century.

ff. 155r-156v 'Ex [illeg.]thoni Passagio Terræ sanctæ': Latin historical notes on Turks and Tartars in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries.

ff. 157r-158v 'Ex Elmacino': further Latin notes on Muslim history.

ff. 159r-162v Latin notes on Vandals and other tribes.

f. 163r-v Latin notes on the collapse of the Roman Empire.

f. 164r-v English notes on Theodosius (post-1700).

ff. 165r-170v Latin and English notes from various sources on incursions of assorted tribes into the Roman Empire, including (ff. 166-8) a Latin poem on the subject.

f. 171r. Latin excerpts 'Ex Arnobij adversus gentes libro primo. Scripto circa A.D. 300'; followed (ff. 171r-174r) by 'Ex Lactantij Institutionum Libris in extrema senectute conscriptis A.D. 316 circiter'. Important early notes on the relationship between the Father and the Son with striking English glosses by Newton.

ff. 175r-182r Key dates in third to sixth-century history.

ff. 183r-186v Latin notes on the (supposed) celibacy of priests and the nature of the Trinity.

ff. 187r-190r List of dates in fourth and fifth-century Church history, succession of Roman emperors and incursions of tribes on the Empire, all in Latin.

ff. 191r-194r Important early notes from a wide range of Fathers on the nature of Christ, in Latin.

ff. 195r-198v Latin historical notes on the early Church and Roman Empire.

f. 199r-v Latin excerpts 'Ex Hernæ visionibus' and 'Ex Hernæ Pastore', the latter consisting of twelve injunctions for leading a religious life.

[f. 200 blank.]

ff. 201r-202v Highly significant notes on the nature of God and Christ and the text of 1 John 5:7, in Latin and Greek, referring to a work (Caryophilus's 'Catenæ Græcorum Patrum') published 1673. Discusses early printed editions of the Greek New Testament and their variant readings, also referring to Walton's Polyglot Bible [1655-7: H216].

ff. 203r-206r (f. 205 blank) Latin extracts on the Arian controversy.

ff. 206v-207r 'Ex Philostorgio'; 'Ex Greg Nazianzen Orat 21 in Laudem Athanasij': early Latin notes with English glosses by Newton.

ff. 208r-211v Excerpts from numerous Fathers, mainly about martyrdom, in Latin with some Greek.

f. 212r-v 'Ex disputatione Vigilij Episcop. Tridentini de Trinitate.' Latin excerpts.

[f. 213 blank.]

ff. 214r-217v Latin excerpts from various Fathers on martyrdom and continence.

f. 218r-v 'Ex Hilario': Latin notes on the nature of Christ.

f. 219v Extract from Cassian, in Latin.

f. 220r-v Latin notes on the Arian controversy.

Related Materials

f. 25r printed in Westfall, Never at Rest, 315-16. Oldenburg letter on ff. 42-3 printed in NC, 7: 387.