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Catalog Name THEM00081
Document Ms. 436
Title Draft notes on Athanasian doctrines
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date c. early 1690s
Repository The Babson College Grace K. Babson Collection of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton, Huntington Library (San Marino)
Wordcount 1,735
Language Latin;Greek;

Described in the Babson catalogue (p. 197) as 'draft notes on the Athanasian Creed' and possibly part of SL266. Most if not all of SL266, however, is Ms. **N563M3 P222 in the Clark Library, Los Angeles, and is in English. This document is certainly related to the Clark manuscript, and includes Latin versions of some English passages in the latter, but is probably not part of the same original bundle. It considers Athanasian doctrines abstractly, without discussing the exact wording of the Athanasian Creed itself (as Newton does in Yahuda Ms. 15.1).

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