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Catalog Name THEM00098
Document Ms. 361(3)
Title Papers relating to chronology and 'Theologiae Gentilis Origines Philosophicae'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date After 1693
Repository New College Library (Oxford)
Wordcount 264,904
Language English;Latin;Greek;Hebrew;

Includes several charts schematising the relationships and correspondences between mythical figures (ff. 35r, 41r, 79r, 133r-134r, 216v, 218r). Many of the sheets had previously been used for notes on other subjects, including (f. 34r) an undated draft letter [2 May 1693? to Fatio de Duillier?] (NC, 7: 367) and a list of alchemical titles (f. 105r).

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