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Catalog Name THEM00117
Document **N563M3 P222
Title 'Paradoxical Questions concerning the morals & actions of Athanasius & his followers'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date c. early 1690s
Repository William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
Wordcount 53,792
Language English;Latin;Greek;

Extraordinary denunciation of the fourth-century Saint Athanasius, reputedly the 'Father of Orthodoxy' but in Newton's eyes the founder of a depraved, trinitarian form of Christianity. Apart from founding perverse groups such as those of monks, 'feigning' miracles and promoting the worship of relics, Athanasius allegedly endorsed or even committed the murder of his enemies. Long after the event, according to Newton, he also forged letters and accounts of major councils that formed the basis for future Church doctrine.

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