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Catalog Name THEM00287
Document Yahuda Ms. 17.2
Title Notes and drafts relating to 'Theologiae Gentilis Origines Philosophicae'
Subtitle Notes on ancient physico-theology
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date 1680s and early 1690s
Repository National Library of Israel (Jerusalem)
Wordcount 35,000
Language Latin;Greek;English;Hebrew;

Exceptionally chaotic and heavily reworked Latin notes on the theology of various pre-Christian societies, principally the Jews, Egyptians, Greeks and Chaldaeans. For the most part, the notes do not appear to be in a sequential order and it is possible that many pages have come adrift from other portions of the archive. As with many of Newton's writings on this topic, the principal goal appears to be to establish connections between divine or mythical characters in different belief systems: for instance, he argues that the Jewish Noah, the Egyptian Thoth and the Greek Zeus are variant extrapolations of the same historical figure.

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