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Catalog Name THEM00353
Document SL255.3
Title Part 2 of a passage on Church history
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin England
Origin Date c. 1710s-1720s
Repository not assigned
Wordcount 1,279
Language English;Latin;Greek;

The second half (ff. 3-4) of a passage (incomplete at the end) on Church history, the corruption of the faith and the Nicene Council. The first half of the passage is SL255.2.A marginal reference on f. 4r to an edition of Athanasius's works published (according to Newton) at Paris in 1699 gives a terminus a quo for the date of this section. However, the edition Newton had in mind is surely the works of Athanasius, edited by Bernard de Montfaucon, published at Paris in 1698.

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