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Catalog Name MINT00048
Title 'Articles made the 25th day of ffebruary [...] 1701 Between Isaac Newton Esqr Master and Worker of his Maties Mint of the one part And Phillip Shales of London Gen. on the other part'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date 25 February 1701 [= 1702]
Repository National Archives (Kew, Richmond)
Pages 1,875
Wordcount 0

Contract appointing Shales as melter. Attached, in the same clerical hand, is 'The Inventory and Appraisement of Tooles and Utensils belonging to the Melting Houses in his Maties Mint in the Tower of London Appraised by Edward Sylvester and Peter Iohnson the Eight day of December 1681'.On reverse: signature of [warden] John Stanley as witness.

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