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Catalog Name MINT00074
Title Following the moneyers' petition, the House of Commons has granted the Mint an extra 500 for salaries and maintenance from Christmas 1705
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date 25 September 1706
Repository National Archives (Kew, Richmond)
Pages 582
Wordcount 0

Recommend 400 of this be divided equally between the moneyers, who now number twenty-one, until the number falls to sixteen, which is normally enough. No apprentices should be taken on in future without the master's approval, and if the number of moneyers should exceed sixteen again, only the sixteen most senior should receive the supplementary 25 p.a. each. On reverse, in the same hand: copy of Treasurer's authorisation, dated 19 November 1706.

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Calendared in NC, 7: 446 (no. X.709.2).