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Catalog Name MINT00075
Title Petition to the Mint Board: 'The Case of Charles Stuart one of the Monyers belonging to Her Majties Mint in the Tower of London'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date 1711?
Repository National Archives (Kew, Richmond)
Pages 1,610
Wordcount 0

Over a year ago, the Company of Moneyers proposed new laws imposing a fine of 500 on any of their members who undertook private contracts at a lower rate than that fixed by the Company. Stuart refused to subscribe to this, considering it illegal. Since this date the Company has deprived him of his salary, despite his continuing to work as diligently as ever. At the Company's suggestion, the case was taken to arbitration, and Council found in Stuart's favour, denying the Company's right either to enact any such law or impose any such punishment. His salary is, however, still being withheld, and he looks to the Mint Board for justice.||[The conjectural date 1711 is proposed by Craig in his calendar of the papers (PRO Mint 19/6, no. 97) without any explanation or supporting evidence. Craig usually had sound reasons for his conjectures, but was not always very forthcoming about them.]

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