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Catalog Name MINT00081
Title Three partial holograph drafts of a letter reporting the tests of Charles Brattell and Catesby Oadham for the post of assay master (two other candidates not having appeared): Brattell is judged the better candidate
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date c. 10 April 1713
Repository National Archives (Kew, Richmond)
Pages 452
Wordcount 0

Final version in Longleat House, Portland Papers, IX, f.193 (dated 10 April 1713 and printed in NC, 5: 403-4 with the erroneous reference Mint 19/1/193). Another draft at MINT00606 (Mint 19/2/431).||On the same side, also in Newton's hand: a series of calculations, notes on the value of Italian coins, and the end of a sentence about Tertullian and Cyprian.

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