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Catalog Name MINT00097
Title 'To Sr. Isaac Newton Master and Worker of his Maj. Mint in ye Tower/ The Humble Memorial of Sam: Bull 2d. Engraver &c'
Author Isaac Newton
Place of Origin no place assigned
Origin Date 14 September 1722
Repository National Archives (Kew, Richmond)
Pages 513
Wordcount 0

Complains that promised pay increases have not materialised, and that after Bull and Gabriel le Clerk were promoted to second and third engraver respectively at 80 p.a. each [see MINT00063 (Mint 19/1/170-71)], le Clerk received this salary 'for about 7 years [...] tho he did not act or work for the Mint during that whole Time', so that all the labour fell to Bull. After 26 years' service Bull is now worse off than when he first joined the Mint.||Printed in NC, 7: 210-12.

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